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APaMM, organized by Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation and hosted by Ulsan Metropolitan City and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, fulfils its role as a platform for creating a global network amongst prominent Korean musicians and world music industry professionals through programs such as conferences, showcases, ideal matching, and business lounges.


Over the past 8 years APaMM has served as a springboard for promising domestic musicians to engage in overseas ventures. While much of the music market is concentrated in Seoul, the capital city of Korea, APaMM has firstly established itself as the only music market outside of that. To animate this distinctive music maket, Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation has been always strived for the evolution of the its programs and through this has achieved much success including introducing many musicians internationally and providing inroads for them.


This coming September, APaMM is to embark on yet another new challenge. We create a forum around institutions that are influential in the Asia-Pacific music industry and to operate a committee with a view to working with you all in energising the Asia-Pacific music industry. To this end, the ultimate objective for APaMM is to create an Asia-Pacific community that is unified by music through a world-class industry-wide network platform that transcends the Asia-Pacific region, complete with high-quality, expert-level sharing of information.


APaMM is always accessible to everyone devoted to music. As always we hope for continued interest and participation from musicians, engineers, programmers, and everyone else around the world devoted to communicating through music.


President of Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation

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Telephone Number : 052-259-7919

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E-Mail : apamm@uacf.or.kr

Address : 202, Jungang-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

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