오직 음악을 위한 단 하나의 네트워크

─ A Creative Hub of Music Inspiration

The Asia Pacific Music Meeting(APaMM), the first International Music Market in Korea, was launched in 2012. Growing up as a Cultural Exchange Hub through music in Asia-Pacific region, we have taken the Status of Korean Music to the next level.

APaMM has widened its future as a global platform for the growth of artists working based on traditional music. Also, it has built a network between domestic and foreign delegates of the industry. We have been a music festival for citizens and a platform of creating and sharing music based in Ulsan.  

APaMM is always opened for a united Asia-Pacific region where hopefully the whole world can communicate through music. 

We hope for continued interest and participation from musicians, engineers, programmers, and institutional worker who communicate with music from all over the world and citizens who have a wide tolerance for musical sensibility.

The Asia Pacific Music Meeting looks forward to the day when we will be together in Ulsan this September.


President of Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation


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