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APaMMForum is a sustainable institution under APaMM which was established to provide long-term vitalization and vision for the Asian music industry.  It will consist of committees and members where Ulsan Arts and Culture Foundation will serve as a focal point.


The committee is the top-level decision-making entity within APaMMForum and will consist of related personnel from public sector in the music industry. It aims to explore a long-term development path for the industry by presenting a vision for the Asia-Pacific music industry and creating a forum for discussion on policy directions.


Music festival directors, programmers, curators, academic professionals, music market directors, engineers, music producers, and booking agencies, on the other hand, will be the key members of the APaMMForum. They will become the focal point for business exchanges and networking, with interaction and sharing amongst music industry professionals.


With APaMMForum set up as a sustainable institution under APaMM 2019, no doubt the Ulsan’s culture will become more diverse and plentiful in terms of music thanks to  expert discourse, progress in creative partnerships amongst experts, open discussion amongst musicians, and chances for the general public to discover new music . APaMMForum will fulfil its public role by effectively publicizing Korean music overseas and focusing on raising the international competitiveness of domestic musicians.


Dreaming of a virtuous circle in which musician and related professionals co-exist within an international music market above and beyond the Asia-Pacific region, APaMMForum continues to strive for a world where the individuality of diverse genres is respected and the overseas ventures of musicians become a reality.


Chairman of APaMM

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Telephone Number : 052-259-7919

FAX : 052-259-7907

E-Mail : apamm@uacf.or.kr

Address : 202, Jungang-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

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