오직 음악을 위한 단 하나의 네트워크

─ A Creative Hub of Music Inspiration

APaMM Forum is a permanent body to support and cooperate  with public sector while presenting the vision of the global music industry. The forum is organized and operated by involved members.

The committee is a decision-making entity of the APaMM Forum, and is composed of representatives of public organizations from global music industries. Developing and proposing long-range agenda is the one of its major performances.

Membership organizations are from various levels, including artists, professional management, programmers, festival and music market directors. Opportunities to participate and engage in the whole process are it’s privileged assignment.

APaMM Forum has become a hub of international music networks for business exchanges. It is a global governance achieving international cooperation through communication and opens for the future of the regional music industry. APaMM always continues to endeavor creating a unified Asia-Pacific through music.


Chairman of APaMMForum


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