Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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About UlsanAPaMM Conference

음악으로 세상을 연결하는 뮤직 플랫폼
A Creative Hub of Music Inspiration

UlsanAPaMM Conference is a program that invites experts from various fields such as artists, planners, and scholars to discuss the development of the domestic and foreign music industry and local music. We would like to create a new inspiration for the local music industry by sharing the eyes of experts with domestic and foreign cases.

This year, conferences will be held under the two major themes: “Trends of the local music industry to break down boundaries and expand its territory” and “Trends of the local music industry to embrace differences & Content product strategies”. And the keywords for the sessions are ‘Overseas Exchange’, ‘MZ Generation’, ‘Virtual Reality’, ‘Genre Convergence’, ‘Market Trends’ and ‘Local Music’.

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