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The conference program is a true reflection of the APaMM ethos with carefully coordinated music professionals coming from all corners of the world to discuss and share the insight of current status and trend of music industry, and national music policy from their home country. At the APaMM 2019, we are incredibly proud of and welcome our special speakers selected, offering insightful discussion session across Saturday and Sunday. The conference session will take you beyond the music industry to look into current status and trend of Korean Music in the global music market.

DAY 2 - 9. 21 (SAT)


Strategy of Big Blow Music Festivals on Earth 1:
Planning Killer Contents

In this session, Festival director from Taiwan and USA and music experts from Thailand will share their great killer contents that lead their music festival successful and how to make local special contents involve the festival with the sub-topics below.

  • In what ways music festival have effects on city branding as a joyful place and what art the killer contents?
  • How festivals involve local people and identifies ways of appraising and widening community participation?
  • How might such music festival influence the development of city branding?


    Music Business in the Smart-use Age:
    Strategy for International Intellectual property

    Music Copyright is one of the most vital concepts for musicians not only for making money but protection of their valuable time and endeavors driven to the intellectual property (music) they have created so hard on. In this session we will scrutinize diverse case from China, Singapore, Hong Kong and France with sub-topics as below.

  • Share examples in the way of each country propelled an industry based on music copyright
  • Which way is optimized path for musicians abroad to copyright their songs and make money?
  • How to musicians who would like to build new business internationally to prepare for the copyright issue?


    Find your Korean Partner for Public Support!

    This session aims to explore and introduce excellent cultural exchange programme to regional artist and music experts from abroad that are planned and executed by Korean local governments.


    Artists beyond borders! Meet your supervisor!
    - Networking

    This session explore how to build sustainable network between artists and music experts designed only for artist.

  • Tips to note when designing a showcase stage
  • Understanding the programme set list, planning and nature of the showcase stage
  • Researching music industry experts


    Artists beyond borders! Meet your supervisor!
    - Showcase

    Session stands for Artists and their teams: ‘How to present an artist showcase: a few guiding points’. In this presentation Ben Mandelson from WOMEX will offer a series of guiding points, looking at the ‘how to’ aspects of preparing for a ‘showcase performance’, and at the equally important ‘why’ aspects.

    DAY 3 - 9. 22 (SUN)


    The Great Cultural Re-branding with Music:
    UNESCO Creative City Network

    This session plans to look at successful UNESCO Creative City Network cases from Adelaide and Katowice and their strategies and establish a discussion forum for the exchange of policy ideas between Ulsan and other cities overseas. On this session, re-branding Ulsan from its previous status as a production centre to one of culture and to create an environment of creativity with music as the means will be discussed along with the following sub-topics.

  • How are the local community, stakeholders, local government, and enterprises involved in UCCN policy?
  • In what way APaMM can contribute to the UCCN as a vibrant and representative music software in Ulsan?
  • How the discourse of creative city can enhance city branding or what is the primary influence of creative city discourses on city branding?


    Strategy of Big Blow Music Festivals on Earth 2:
    Focus on Venue Design

    To learn key tips for planning festival venues from very special music festival directors; JJ In from Jarasum Jazz Festival, Sharzede from Rainforest World Music Festival and Guillaume from Wonderfruit Festival.

  • What are the plans for utilising the spaces in town for spreading the festival spirit?
  • How did the festival plan for the main area, secondary area, entry/exit and other festival areas?
  • Key message from the directors to festival goers based on their experience of spatial planning for the festival


    The very collective points of view in Korean Traditional Music Scene

    This session plans to discuss on Korean traditional music and growing its popularity. Speakers will be comprised of the artist, administrator, music critic and international director to each from their own vantage point engage in wide-ranging dialogue on the values and mass appeal of Korean traditional music.


    Artists beyond borders! Meet your supervisor!
    - PR

    Emma, a London-based music industry PR expert and radio host, will share her insights on PR strategy for artists. Areas of focus will include preparing a press release for local, regional and international distribution, building a social media profile, media relations and how PR is more than just press contact, it is an artist's public perception.


    Artists beyond borders! Meet your supervisor!
    - Overseas Touring

    This speedy 20-min session for artists will take you through why, what, when, where and how long to tour; what to contract; how to make the most our of the tour; and what steps to take to get into the country to perform your contractual obligations without unexpectedly losing artists’ hard-earned income.

    Some important keywords include 30% tax withholding, ESTA and artist visa, residencies, block booking, artist fees and buyout, and more details on these will be revealed at the session. Don’t miss out this opportunity to learn from and speak to an expert who organized 25 different tours in North America and Europe for 15 Korean performing artist groups for the last two years.

    Ben Mandelson


    Company : WOMEX / Piranha Arts 
    Position : Founding Director 
    Overview :

    Ben Mandelson (UK) is a leading independent world music record producer and active musician. He was part of the key group of UK music professionals who launched the current ‘world music’ genre. He is Founding Director of WOMEX [], and Supervisory Board member for the parent company Piranha Arts, which is based in Berlin, Germany. WOMEX is the world’s biggest professional music conference, trade fair and showcase event for World, Roots, Folk and Traditional music held annually within Europe at the end of each October. The 25th edition will take place in Tampere, Finland in October 2019.

    Ben Mandelson


    Company : WOMEX / Piranha Arts 
    Position : Founding Director 
    Overview :

    Ben Mandelson (UK) is a leading independent world music record producer and active musician. He was part of the key group of UK music professionals who launched the current ‘world music’ genre. He is Founding Director of WOMEX [], and Supervisory Board member for the parent company Piranha Arts, which is based in Berlin, Germany. WOMEX is the world’s biggest professional music conference, trade fair and showcase event for World, Roots, Folk and Traditional music held annually within Europe at the end of each October. The 25th edition will take place in Tampere, Finland in October 2019.

    Billy Koh


    Company : Amusic Rights Management PTE LTD 
    Position : CEO
    Overview :

    Billy Koh is one of the most instrumental and influential figures in the Asian Chinese-Pop (C-Pop) music industry. Founder of Ocean Butterflies, he quit as CEO of Ocean Butterflies in 2014 to pursue his new business, Amusic Rights Management having main office right in the hear t of Beijing city, China. In his 30-year long music career, Billy has produced more than 300 albums with many hits. He is the mentor who discovered & produced many successful Asian acts including Kit Chan, A-Do, JJ Lin, BY2 and Amuyi. Apart from speaking at international forums including (4 times in) MIDEM, TEDx, MacWorld Asia, Canadian Music Week, MaMA Fesitival, MU:CON and Berklee College of Music, Billy has been judging for many popular TV talent shows including "I am a Singer", “Sound of My Dream”, "Super Boy" in China, “One Million Star” and “Chinese Idol” in U.S., “Asia Song Festival” in South Korea, “Asia New Singer Competition” in Hong Kong, “Project SuperStar” and “SPOP sing” in Singapore.

    Chan Kim


    Company : FLUXUS Inc.
    Position : CEO 
    Overview :

    Formerly a sound engineer and bassist, Chan Kim is the founder and CEO of FLUXUS INC., a distribution and publishing company, with Fluxus Music and Flax&Co as its subsidiaries. Fluxus Music is one of the most innovative, artist-centric labels in the Korean music scene and was voted by industry peers as “Record Label of the Year” at the Korean Music Awards. Fluxus Music and its artists have earned 12 Korean Music Awards in a wide range of categories. Flax&Co is a live production company with an extensive history of producing some of Korea's biggest stages. Chan Kim is also one of the founders of the Record Label Industry Association of Korea (LIAK), the leading indie label trade association in Korea. He was the chairman for six years and remains as a board advisor.  He also became a board member of the Korean Music Content Association (KMCA), which is TA for international and domestic majors from 2016.

    Dalse Yoon-young, Kong


    Company : Zandari Festa
    Position : Founder
    Overview :

    Dalse Yoon-Young Kong has been Executive Director of Zandari Festa since it was launched first in 2012. He started his career with concert and artists management in Kangaji Culture and Art, the first indie label in Korea. He directed and managed parties at Nori People Party Company. In 2010, Dalse worked at DFSB, a digital music distribution and international music business company, in charge of artist management and international businesses.  

    David Frazier


    Company : Urban Nomad 
    Position : Founder and Program Director 
    Overview :

    DAVID FRAZIER is co-founder and program director at Urban Nomad Film Fest in Taipei, a Taiwanese indie festival for film and music established in 2002. He organized first Taiwan performances for DIPLO, MAJOR LAZER, BOB LOG III, GUITAR WOLF, BUFFALO DAUGHTER and hosted Taiwan premiers for over 200 films including Oscar winner THE COVE, Oscar nominees THE ACT OF KILLING, MINDING THE GAP and an extensive music film program. He has spoken and written about Taiwan's music scene at conferences including Taiwan's Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA), LUCfest (Taiwan); established the weekly Live Wire music column in the Taipei Times; and has been a writer for Fuji Rock web sites and every year since 2002. As a journalist, he has written about music, art and film in Taiwan since 1998 as a columnist for the Taipei Times and South China Morning Post, Taiwan Desk Editor for Art AsiaPacific magazine, and contributor to the New York Times, The Wire (UK), Japan Times, Art in America and written TV documentaries on Taiwanese entertainers for Discovery and History channels. In the tech startup field, he built community and PR strategies for MOX –– the Mobile Only Accelerator of SOSV.SS.

    Emma Bartholomew

    United Kingdom

    Company : Emma Bartholomewpr
    Position : CEO 
    Overview :

    Emma Bartholomew is the Founder and Director of Emma Bartholomew PR, a London-based PR and Communications agency. With more than 12 years professional experience in the music industry, servicing international clients, Emma’s work has included projects for Universal Music, MTV, Metropolis Studios London (the world’s largest independent recording studio), the Academy of Contemporary Music, Katara Studios (Qatar), both the Korean Cultural Centre and Korean Creative Content Agency in London, and the coordination of the #musicDXB project for Dubai Airport. Ongoing campaigns include UK PR for Midem, whom she has represented for the last 3 years, and consultancy for Seoul-based Sound Republica. Emma has a very global outlook, representing clients across continents, and having lived in several countries and worked in France, Qatar, Romania, Spain, Scandinavia, the UK and UAE. In addition to regular live music and music industry networking events organising, she is also an occasional professional print journalist, having written on a range of music-related subjects from PR and Sync to the BBC Proms, for well-respected publications including The Huffington Post. She is also a broadcaster, having contributed regularly as a news reviewer on BBC London radio and currently presents a regular radio show on Soho Radio, London.


    Fung Tim Chee Ricky

    Hong Kong

    Company : IFPI (Hong Kong Group)
    Position : CEO
    Overview :

    Ricky T.C. Fung is known recently as the person who represents the recording industry in Hong Kong for more than 2 decades in recording industry matters. To those who are over 40 years of age would probably recall and recognize him as one of the few key figures that created the highly successful Canto Pop market. This phenomenon made Hong Kong a regional music centre in South East Asia. He became the Managing Director of EMI Hong Kong in 1985. He founded Sound Wave Records in the year 1993 and re-make the legend of Roman Tam.


    As a well-known songwriter during the ‘70s and ‘80s, he was one of the 25 founding-members of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong in1977. His efforts in building the Hong Kong home repertoire, now known as “Canto Pop”, earned him the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in 1984.

    From late ‘90s, Ricky took up new challenge and became the CEO of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group) Limited, continuing his quest in advancing the Hong Kong music industry.


    As CEO to the industry association, he is the king-pin in the organizing of the Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival - HKAMF as an annual Asian Pop music mega event supported by Create HK-HKSAR since 2011, drawing regional countries and regions to a Supernova contest by recording artistes/star showcase, for a live show and broadcasting in no less than 12 countries/regions and 22 channels each year. He was awarded the honour of Bronze Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR Government in the year 2012 for his long contribution to developing the local music industry in Hong Kong.

    Gonne Choi


    Company : Modest Monster
    Position : Programmer/ Artist
    Overview :

     Singer-songwriter Goeen Choi debuted with her first EP <36.5°C> in October 2010. She learned to play gayageum (Korean string instrument) and sing pansori (genre of musical storytelling) since childhood, and as a vocalist of a hardcore band in college, she sang and played the guitar through college. After her first album was released, she was selected to appear on “Hello Rookie,” the 2011 EBS Space Sympathy program, which began her career in earnest. Her special voice, accompanied by acoustic guitar melodies, and the heartfelt emotions in her songs warmed the hearts of many.


     Her fifth EP <NOMAD SYNDROME> was nominated in two areas of the 2017 Popular Music Award: “Folk Album of the Year” and “Folk Music of the Year”; and her regular album <I WAS, I AM, I WILL> was nominated in three areas of the 2015 Popular Music Award: “Musician of the Year,” “Folk Album of the Year,” and “Folk Music of the Year.” She also released four mini-albums: <36.5°C>, <Good Morning>, <REAL>, and <XXXY>. As such, Goeun CHOI has been expanding her musical envelope by attempting to cross various genresfolk music, world music, jazz, rock, etc.while preserving her unique voice and breath. In addition, she participated in major Korean music festivals, including Pentaport Rock Festival, Jisan Valley Rock Festival, Jarasum Jazz Festival, and Seoul Jazz Festival, and was praised by the audience and press as “NA Yoon-sun of the Folk World.” In 2012, she performed collaborative work with a different genre every week, all through the seven week-long performance of “Go-Eun's Perspective of Breath,” and was recognized for her extensive emotions and talent.


     Furthermore, she is one of the most active musicians overseas. In 2012, she became the first Asian musician to be invited by “Songs & Whispers,” a German music network that works to discover musicians worldwide, and made a two-month tour in Europe, stepping onto the global stage. In 2013, she won the final in “Asia Versus,” Fuji TV’s global audition program, and was applauded for having a “unique charm that meets the taste and moves the hearts of the audience.” In 2014, in 2015, and again in June 2019, she was invited to Glastonbury Festivalmaking it a total of three invitations to the world’s largest music festivaland confirmed once again the power of her music. She is currently preparing for her tour in Europe that will proceed for a month from November 2019.


    Guillaume de Maquille


    Company : Wonderfruit Festival
    Position : Head of Music Bookings
    Overview :

    Guillaume de Maquillé is the Music Program Manager of Wonderfruit Festival. He manages bookings, the music program, artist management, and artist coordination, and oversees technical preparations and logistics relating to performance (sound systems, lights, staging, etc). From 19-24 years old, Guillaume was the president of LGO in France, responsible for organizing four music festivals per year and managing a rehearsal studio. After graduating with a master of Electronic Engineering, he moved to South East Asia and co-founded a group of building technology companies called iHome Systems, establishing branches in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore before selling the group to a large multinational company. Guillaume founded gigBazaar, the first online community marketplace for the music industry in South East Asia, before chasing his dream of operating music festivals in the region, full-time. He has been involved in myriad projects including Wonderfruit, Karma Klique, LUSH, Paradise Island Festival, Quest Festival, Kolour in the Park, and many more. 




    HyunJoon Shin


    Company : Sungkonghoe University
    Position : Professor
    Overview :

    Hyunjoon Shin is a professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Institute for East Asian Studies (IEAS) at Sunkonghoe University. Having received his PhD from the Economics Department of Seoul National University with a thesis on the transformation of the Korean music industry in the age of globalization, he has carried out research on popular music in Korea and beyond. Recently, he has expanded his fields of researches into urban space and international mobility in Asia. He was research fellow at ARI (Asia Research Institute) at the National University of Singapore in 2007, visiting professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands in 2008, and visiting fellow at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, in 2015. Last but not least, he has taken the role of chairperson of Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group for the first ten years during 2008-2018, and has co-organized six biennale conferences. Some of his writings have been translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. 

    Isabel Soffer

    United States

    Company : GlobalFEST / Live Sounds
    Position : Director
    Overview :

    Isabel Soffer has been at the forefront of global cultural programming in the USA for more than twenty-five years. She is co-founder and co-director of globalFEST, Inc, a non-profit organization serving the world music community since 2003. gF moves world music into the center of the performing arts field in the Unites States through its annual groundbreaking festival each January, a touring fund, an award ceremony, a national tour, and stage curation. She is also founder of Live Sounds, a company that produces, creates and curates concerts and festivals of diverse music and dance traditions from around the world in New York and across the country. Her innovative programming aims to encourage and cultivate ancient traditions, as well as to highlight musical styles at the intersection of old and new.

    JJ. In


    Company : Jarasum Jazz Festival
    Position : Artistic Director
    Overview :

    Founder and artistic director of Korea's biggest jazz festival, Jarasum Jazz Festival, Jae Jin (JJ) is one of the leading music producers in Korea, having produced over 1,000 jazz concerts.


    Jarasum Jazz Festival was founded in 2004. Before that, Jarasum was just an island covered with dirt without a name. As the festival growing up, Jarasum was developed as the most iconic cultural place in Korea. Now Jarasum is the island of Jazz.


    Kye-hwan Jang


    Company : Arts Council Korea
    Position : General Director
    Overview :

     Kye-hwan Jang served as the head of the working-level department on cultural and arts projects at the Arts Council Korea and is currently supervising its Performing Arts Division as Director General. The Arts Council Korea, where JANG works, is a public organization that supports projects and activities for promoting culture and arts, with the belief that fine arts have the power to transform the lives of all. The Performing Arts Division, led by JANG, focuses on developing a virtuous circle of creation, mediation, and appreciation, as well as establishing an infrastructure for pure and basic Korean arts, such as theater, dance, music, traditional arts, and interdisciplinary arts among others, and non-profit experimental areas. More particularly, the Performing Arts Division strives to support each stage of development, from brainstorming to production, in order to create a performance repertoire that represents Korea and provide a platform that connects this creation to an increased demand for basic arts, the promotion of the arts market, and penetration into overseas markets. In relation to the music field, they are engaged in support projects for spreading and distributing creative songs and stimulating Korean and overseas networks, including support for writing creative operas so that composers and playwrights can develop their ideas about creative operas, support for exchanges and collaborations with the orchestra so as to expand the composers’ opportunities to perform creative songs. Furthermore, ARCO projects bridging Gugak (traditional Korean music) and Western music and consequently contributing to the creation of both music genres, production of records so as to give Korean composers more opportunities to play creative songs, expansion in Korean and overseas markets, and collaboration projects in Korea and internationally.

    Kyung-chae Hyun


    Company : Yeungnam Universuty
    Position : Professor
    Overview :

    Music critic
    Professor (at Yeungnam University)
    Broadcaster (Korean music specialist)
    Former member of the Korean Culture and Arts Committee
    Ph.D. in Music anthropology (from Hanyang University)
    M.A. in Ethnomusiclogy (from National Taiwan Normal University)
    B.A in Korean music (from Seoul National University)


    She writes a number of critiques for daily newspaper <e-Daily>, monthly magazine <Mir> and <Kukak Nuri> etc.

    She has published The culture and music of the three countries <Land of Fascination, Caucasus>(2019), <Music Brought in a Backpack (Music and culture of seven Asian countries)>(2016), has co-authored <Art: Re-creation of the public>(2015), <Ask Masters for the way> (2006), <Our Music going all over> (2004).


    Kyunghee Hannah Choi


    Company : Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange
    Position : Leader of Research Team
    Overview :

    Kyunghee Hannah Choi has been working in cultural and creative industries for about 15 years especially in the public and media sector. Ms. Choi joined KOFICE(Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) in 2016 and most recently served as Director of Cultural Exchange and Planning Division currently working as Leader of Research Team. Prior to KOFICE, she was Officer at Korean Cultural Centre UK right after completing MA degree in Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London UK. Coming back to Korea, while working as a Director General at KOFWST(Korea Federation of Women’s Science & Technology Associations) she was also a lecturer in Cultural Event Planning and Cultural Policy at Korean National University of Arts.

    PhD Candidate in Public Administration(Cultural Policy) at Hanyang University, Seoul Korea.

    Meeyoung Kim


    Company : Busan Development Institute
    Position : Researcher
    Overview :

    KIM currently works as a researcher at the Busan Development Institute. She learned piano at Yewon Middle School and Seoul Arts High School. She majored in urban engineering at Hongik University and received her master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies of Seoul National University. She is interested in the cultural and artistic spaces of the city, cultural history of the spaces, and sociology of the spaces among other fields, and constantly tries to interpret the sociocultural aspects of these spaces. Major papers and books she authored include “Hotel and the ‘Modernization of the Fatherland’” (2019), “A Luxury Hotel as a Conspicuous Self-Expression Space on Instagram in Seoul” (2018), <Post- socialist Transition and the Future of North Korea> (2018), <Sociology of Seoul> (2017), “Hotel and the ‘Birth of Gangnam’” (2016), and <Sociology of the Rooftop> (2012)

    Piyapong Muenprasertdee


    Company : Fungjai Co, Ltd 
    Position : Co-founder
    Overview :

    He is the Co-founder & Director of Partnerships of Fungjai - a music-technology startup based in Bangkok, Thailand with a goal of contributing to the sustainable development of the music industry and helping the independent musician become a sustainable career. Fungjai connects artists and fans via various online and offline platforms, including a music streaming platform; an online magazine; social media channels; a concert organizing unit; an education activities unit; a live musician booking platform for events and parties, etc. It also has a music marketing agency/consultancy unit that works with brands to utilize the power of music in marketing campaigns. Apart from being well connected in the Thai independent music scene, he is also connected with music communities and professionals all over Southeast and East Asia. In addition, he has spoken at several international music conferences including MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris, France; Seoul Music City Connection in Seoul, South Korea; GMA and Taiwan Beats in Taipei, Taiwan, etc. He also used to teach music marketing strategy at the Faculty of Music of Silpakorn University - one of Thailand’s leading music education institutions.

    Rebecca Pearce


    Company : Office of Adelaide UNESCO City of Music
    Position : Director
    Overview :

    Rebecca Pearce has over 20 year's experience working in programming and creative Producing  for festivals and venues. As a professional in major arts festivals in Australia and overseas, including Program Director Brisbane Festival (2013 - 2017), Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, WOMADelaide, together with the international festivals Edinburgh Fringe and Dublin Fringe,  she has managed various programs across the fields of music, and is currently the Associate Director Programming at Adelaide Festival Centre, and Director for office of Adelaide UNESCO City of Music (operated by Adelaide Festival Centre).

    In her role as Director for office of Adelaide UNESCO City of Music, Rebecca has successfully championed and led the first ever UNESCO Creative City project between Australian Creative cities and Singapore which was realised in 2019 in Singapore. She has also facilitated various artist residencies between Poland, Germany, Glasgow, Ksorea and Singapore.

    Rebecca has represented Adelaide UNESCO City of Music in several international platforms including as a guest panellist at the creative cities panel session at XII UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting in Katowice Poland in 2018 and XIII UNESCO CREATIVE CITIES CONFERENCE in Fabriano Italy.



    Company : Sarawak Tourism Board
    Position : CEO
    Overview :

    Sharzede Salleh Askor has accumulated over 30 years of working experience with her early years in the government agency and hospitality industry while the remaining 22 years, she spent her career in the corporate world as part of the Senior Management team. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and currently pursuing her Doctorate in the same field majoring in Tourism. Considering herself as a specialist in Branding & Communications, she helms the position of the Chief Executive Officer at the Sarawak Tourism Board when the Sarawak State Government is currently pursuing its Visit Sarawak Campaign, an international marketing program to rebrand and reposition Sarawak as a Malaysia’s prime destination for Culture, Adventure, Nature, Food and Festival. She has been known as one that is determined, enthusiastic, passionate, a no nonsense, and inspiring leader and strongly believes in the importance of good leadership which has greatly influence in her doctoral research pursuit in, specifically transformational leadership.

    Sabrina Lynn Motley

    United States

    Company : Smithsonian Institution
    Position : Folklife Festival Director
    Overview :

    Sabrina Lynn Motley joined the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (CFCH) in 2013 as director of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. During her tenure, she has expanded research and programming networks and explored new forms of festival making. Prior to her appointment, she was senior director of programs and exhibitions at Asia Society Texas Center. In addition to public engagement and education, she oversaw several exhibitions highlighting Houston’s changing demographics and its expanding role as a major North American gateway to Asia. As an independent consultant for more than 15 years, Sabrina has produced public programs for the J. Paul Getty Museum, curated community-based exhibitions for clients such as the California Endowment and California State University-Northridge, and served as an advisor for several leading arts non-profits. While at the J. Paul Getty Museum she was offered a spot on KPFK 90.7 FM's flagship world music program, “The Global Village.” There, she conducted content research on a diverse range of traditional artists and genres, produced interviews with musicians and community members, and curated playlists, all of which amplified Pacifica Radio’s goal of supporting the “creative skills and energies of the community.” Sabrina earned a B.A. in world arts and cultures and an M.A. in African studies, both from UCLA. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate in anthropology at UCLA. Her dissertation research explores the interplay between religious faith, doubt, and social activism.

    Shawn Choi

    United States

    Company : SORI
    Position : Founding Director 
    Overview :

    Shawn Choi came to New York from Seoul in 2004, and moved from studying performing arts administration at New York University to working in development, marketing, and presenting at Flushing Town Hall (2007-present). Choi longed to build stronger ties between the Korean traditional and contemporary music scene and American audiences, which inspired him to found his own agency, SORI (2016-present). Choi has been an instrumental figure in raising awareness of Korea’s diverse and unique performing arts scene in the U.S. and Canada. SORI is a New York City based artist agency specializing in Korean world music and its mission is to introduce powerful works of Korean music to a global, culturally curious audience in North America. SORI's works include programming, producing, booking and touring as well as artist branding and marketing services. In 2018, SORI presented 9 Korean artists in over 26 different cities at 28 different world-renowned venues and festivals including The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, World Music Festival Chicago, Vancouver Island Musicfest, Delaware Art Museum, Smithsonian Museums, Mundial Montreal, SUNFEST, and Musikfest to name a few. SORI 2019-2020 artist roster includes Ak Dan Gwang Chil, Black String, Coreyah, Joe Kye, Kim So Ra, Lee Heemoon & Prelude, NAMU, and NST & The Soul Sauce meet Kim Yulhee.


    Shinah KIM


    Company : Korea Arts Management Service
    Position : Director / Performing Art Div.
    Overview :

    Shinah Kim served as the Director of Seoul International Dance Festival & Seoul Section of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO from 1999 to 2012. She established Digital Dance Festival and directed the entire event from 2003 to 2010, then worked as a producer for international exchanges responsible for Korean performance companies' overseas expansion and international co-productions from 2005 to 2015. From 2007, Shin-ah was responsible for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s bilateral exchanges with the African, Arab and Black Sea regions, and from 2008 directed the Seoul Performing Arts Critics Forum, an event organized for foreign performance review writers. She has lectured at the Graduate School of Chung-Ang University since 2013, and wrote for Hankook Ilbo as a columnist from 2014 to 2015. She was also the general manager for various events including Korea-China-Japan Arts Concert Yokohama, Incheon Asian Para Games special performance, Mexico Cervantino Festival and Korea Week special performance at Expo Milano. As of 2016, she is the Director of Performance Division at Korea Arts Management Service.

    Sung-jin Jung


    Company : Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater
    Position : Head of Programming Team
    Overview :

      Sung-jin Jung joined a management agency named “Performing Arts Planning 210“ in 2001 and dealt with music functions covering diverse genres like creative opera performances, creative orchestra recitals and subway station arts performances. From 2005 to 2008 and from 2015 to 2017, Sung-jin served as the chief of planning and public relations team of the Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival and hence was responsible for festival planning and promotion. He has also worked with the Uijeongbu Arts Center, Myeongdong Arts Theater, Namsan Gugakdang of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Theater Yong of the Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea and Arts Theater of the Asia Culture Center to plan, produce and promote performances that befit the purpose of each venue.


      As of 2017, Sung-jin is the chief of performance planning team at Seoul Namsan Gugakdang. In this capacity, he plans and produces performances of music and dance that integrate the traditions of Korea and promotes them to a wider audience.


    Tamara Kaminska


    Company : Music Expert Poland
    Position : Deputy Director
    Overview :

    TA Silesian University graduate with a Masters of Arts in Philosophy, and a post-graduate diploma in Cultural Management from the University of Economics. Since 2012, she worked as Deputy Director for the Katowice City of Gardens Culture Institution (which organised events such as the Jazz Art Festival, Sound Gardens Festival, Annual City Anniversary celebrations and was co-organiser of the OFF, Tauron New Music or RawaBlues Festivals). In this function Tamara was responsible for all programming and oversight of diverse creative and cultural industry based activities of the institution and collaborating with national and international partners, including Krakow, Lublin, Sopot or Wroclaw in Poland and Adelaide, Mannheim, Kingston, Hannover, Sevilla, or Saint Etienne abroad. Together with her team, she organized a bid for the City of Katowice to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), thanks to which Katowice was designated as a City of Music in 2015. Currently, she is also responsible for the implementation and realisation of the entire ‘Katowice City of Music’ programme, which was detailed in the said application. In 2015-2016, Tamara worked on the “Music sector development policy in Katowice. How to build a thriving, sustainable and prosperous music industry” report for the City of Katowice. As a representative of Katowice, she was responsible for the bid to organise the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting in 2018 and its realisation after a subsequent successful application. In January 2018, she was elected a leader of the UCCN music sub network and member of the UCCN Steering Committee. As of October 2018, she is the Deputy Director of the Music Export Poland Office in Warsaw and the independent expert of the UNESCO Polish National Commission.



    Xavier Collin


    Company : WTPL Music
    Position : CEO
    Overview :

    Multi-activity professional, driven by artistic, intellectual and human curiosity. Xavier Collin aka "Bill" now compiles several years in the music industry by taking on different roles around artists, without being a personal artist Xavier Collin has managed to evolve WTPL Music, a single-artist structure of The Barking Dogs, towards a tool based on publishing, deploying its action successfully on real encounters, real talents. The vision of an artist's overall project is the foundation of collaboration. Manager and / or co-manager of several publishing companies today: WTPL Music and Regain d'Avance (Lille), Woof Germany (Berlin), Editions Leit Motiv (Montreal), Woof Music (Philadelphia), WoofBox (London), Gig In Japan (Tokyo), Xavier Collin continues his work around the world at the service of its authors. He joined Cyril Kamar (K.Maro) in 2017 to take over the Operational of E.47 Agency (Label, Management Agency) and The Wood Lab Publishing. Elected in 2019 to the SACEM programs Commission for 3 years. Member of board of UPFI and FELIN. Resource person, with a strong international address book, he became a time accelerator. A speed necessary to start the career of an artist. Its main driver is the trust that the artist gives him.



    Telephone Number : 052-259-7919

    FAX : 052-259-7907

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    Address : 202, Jungang-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

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