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Black string, Korean contemporary music without borders crossover band

━ About Artist

Black String seeks a new sound that can incorporate a variety of expressions in traditional music, as well as harmonize with other expression in world music. This new sound will be interpreted by artists who embrace traditional music as well as jazz, reflecting both composed and improvised creations. Release their 3 albuims from ACT Music, Germany's largest jazz label for the first time in the Asian group and awarded Songlines Music Awards(2018) and Korean Music Award (2017, 2020)

━ Introduction of Performance


This concert Karma It contains all the experiences of Black String members who have traveled the world together for 9 years.
Karma fuses the typical melody lines of classical Korean music and the sound of traditional instruments with current styles and methods. The opening track “Sureña” features a blues-based groove underlaying the ethereal theme, with different instruments in improvised solos reminiscent of jazz. There are powerful moments, for example Min Wang Hwang’s traditional Korean shamanic singing on “Exhale-Puri”, rising to a shout – accompanied by the band playing swelling rock rhythms. “Blue Shade”delves into Far Eastern prog rock territory. 
For Black String, Karma represents a modern, global approach to music with no borders, as well as strong and deep roots.


#Set List  

Sureña (6')

Exhale Puri (5')

Hanging Gardens of Babylon (7')

Blue Shade (6')

​Dang, Dang, Dang (6')


- Yoon Jeong Heo / Artist
- Jean Oh / Artist
- Aram Lee / Artist
- Min Wang Hwang / Artist
- Yun Nyeong Choi / Sound director
- 2020 The 17th Korean Music Award Winner : Best Jazz and Crossover album
- 2018 Winner of Songlines Music Awards-Asia&Pacific' (London,UK)
- 2017 The 14th Korean Music Award Winner : Best Jazz and Crossover Performanc
- Southbank Center, EFG London Jazz Festival, London, UK
- Musee National des Arts Asiatiques – Guimet, Paris, France
- Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic "East-West, Berlin, Germany
- Babel Med Music Showcase, Marseille France
- WOMEX'16 Official Showcase, Spain
- 2020 Live Album <Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic> / Germany-ACT Music
- 2019 2nd album <Karma> / Germany-ACT Music
- 2016 1st album <Mask Dance> / Germany-ACT Music

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