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SB Circle

Introducing the new Jazz – Electronic – Korean Traditional Music

━ About Artist

Introducing the new Jazz - Electronic - Korean Traditional Music crossover band
SB Circle is a quartet comprising of bassist Seo Young-do, drummer Christian Moran, saxophonist Shin Hyun-pil, and gayageum player Park Kyung-so. SB Circle is a band of veteran musicians who engage in a myriad of musical activities including Gugak, free improvisation, jazz performance, and music for film. Coming from the East Asian tradition, SB Circle strives for universal connection through music, and also invites people to follow each members musical journeys. Topology, the band’s first full-length album, will be released in April 2019.

━ Introduction of Performance

1. Rain, Grey (05:08) 
2. Eastern Song (05:51)
3. Twilight (06:23)
4. Longing for (06:42)
5. Highway (04:30)

- Park Kyungso / Gayageum
- Shin Hyunpill / Saxophone
- Seo Youngdo / Bass
- Christian Moran / Drums
- An Sangwook / Director
- Lee Juyeon / Tour Manager
- 2019. 11. <Onstage X – Marbling Studio> (S Factory, Seoul, Korea)
- 2019. 11. Namsan Contemporary SB Circle X NaSeungryeol <Listen-See> (Namsan Gukakdang, Seoul, Korea)
- 2019. 10. <K-music Festival> (London, England)
- 2019. 5. <1st Album ‘Topology’ release concert> (Veloso, Seoul, Korea)
- <Topology>, 2019

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