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Spiritual music based on complicated Korean traditional rhythms and Psychedelic Blues-Rock.

━ About Artist

Numori is a band that plays “Progressive & Psychedelic Samulnori”.
Numori's combines Progressive Rock, Blues, and Psychedelic with Samulnori(Korean Traditional Percussion rhythm), giving a powerful energy and dreamy feel.

Numori has released three albums. The first album “Guna Guna” won the “2016 Album of the Year”, selected by the Musician union. The second album,"The Door of Fantastics", was first introduced in the US through an invitational performance at the Washington D.C John F. Kennedy Center.

nuMori’s third album is scheduled to be released in July 2020, and it will be a spectacular fusion of Samulnori and Blues Rock, based on several years of experimentation.

━ Introduction of Performance

1. Open the Door : Korean Shamanism ceremonies that wishes the audience's wishes + Rock music
2. Spider: Korean "NEW" traditional Music - reminiscent of spy movies.
3. Al Re Hoo : Psychedelic Blues of a Korean traditional rhythm  with a Secret , esoteric religion feel.
4. Shakti : A song that expresses the holy energy “Shakti” with an variety of Samulnori (Korean Traditional perssion Rhythm), mystical keyboard sound, and exotic melody.
5. Goblin Blues : Blues with a surreal lyrics and gloomy choir. 
6. Get Drunk, Drunk :All the high-level techniques of Samulnori and all the hot energy from the blues fused into this one song! 
Performing an incredibly perfect moment by an ever changing piece of music through with the high Immersed in players.
7. The Sun : A psychedelic rock that combines a melody of Korean Shaman music.
8. Hide and Seek : Super FAST! & Super complicated! Rhythm and melody

- Joon Jeong / Artist(Guitar / Vocal), 기획자
- Anna Lee / Artist(Keyboards)
- Sang-joon Moon / Artist(Percussions)
- Dong-chul Shin / Artist(Bass)
- Joo-yong Lee / Artist(Percussions)
- “2016 Album of the Year” by Musician Union
- “Sori Frontier” by JeonJu City
- "Bronze" by The World Samulnori Competition
- Washinton D.C Tour @ John F. Kennedy Center / Metheny Theater(2018)
- "nuMori in Paris" Concert @ Paris, France (2019)
- European Broadcast Union - Folkmusic Festival @ Czech (2017)
- Korean National TV (KBS) Founding 80th anniversary Concert (2019)
- Guna Guna (June. 2016)
- Door to fantasy (Sept. 2018)
- nuMori 3rd Album (July. 2020)

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