APaMM Showcase


Fresh mix of pop, rock and South Korean psychedelic folk.

━ About Artist

Coreyah, originally formed in 2010, is a Korean traditional music band famous for its unique style of music blending up Korean traditional music with pop and band sound. Coreyah has released three studio albums since 2010 and has performed in over 30 countries with music that transcends nations and generations. Coreyah is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the release of <Clap & Applause>

━ Introduction of Performance

<Clap & Applause> is a new performance that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the debut of the music group Coreyah. Korean traditional rhythms combined with applause have been changed to a more commonly-interactive dance beat, and the Korean expression created by Daegeum, Geomungo, and Janggu became stronger. Continuing on the long-standing direction of Coreyah, which tried to make a pop change in traditional music, the song combines the sound of a psychedelic band to present more youthful and bold music.

- Kim Dong Kun / Artist(Daegeum, Sogeum, Tungso)
- Kim Cho Rong / Artist(Percussion)
- An Sang Wook / Artist(Percussion)
- Ham Bo Young / Artist(Vocal)
- Na Sun Jin / Artist(Geomungo)
- Ko Jae Hyeon / Artist(Guitar)
- Lee Ju yeon / Tour Manager
- 2020.02 India Sur Jahan World Peace Music Festival
- 2019.02 UAE Sharjah World Music Festival
- 2018.10 HongKong Fringe Dairy Club Concert
- 2018.09 America Kennedy Center Millennium Stage Concert
- 2018.01 Mundial on the Road: APAP NYC
- 2016. 《Seoul Folks》

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