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“Collaboration with various art genres such as Korean traditional music, classical music, contemporary music, vocal, pansori, illustration and animation.”

━ About Artist

“Collaboration with various art genres such as Korean traditional music, classical music, contemporary music, vocal music, pansori, and illustration, animation, and video.”
The TALE is composed of composers and performers.
This is 'Korean Classic Ensemble ', which combines ' Music ' and not ' Fusion '.
Work with composers to form instruments and genres for performance programs. The perfect ensemble and colorful music that goes beyond the limits of many years of genre give listeners fun, excitement, and depth of music.

━ Introduction of Performance

[The Beginning of sound]
The beginning is like a dot falling on a clear water.
The waves spread all over the place as time. It will soon have a big stir.
“The beginning and end of life, the desperation and the pain, the comfort and warmth that surrounds me, the noble sacrifice and the death”
TALE’s music made by Traditional Korean music &Western music languages. When the waves from the tops of the player’s hands, the wave hits the listener’s ear and touches their heart. It will gradually affect the surroundings and change their life.
Though starting from the darkest death, but the hope like a small light at the end of despair. It gives them to rise up and start again against the cold reality.
Is the end of life ‘death’?
What are we living so fiercely for?
The notes started from one instrument are getting stronger. 
It’s like walking a tightrope toward something endless on the air. Because our lives are not immediately known, imperfect and lonely. But if you look back a little bit, you can find a little light. That can be found in pain, dread and darkness. It’s like Someone’s warm touch. The touch melts your cold body.
“Why do you live your life?
 If someone has lived for me, Am I also living for someone?”
The distant darkness in which we live, the light will spread out from it. And someone will get the hope of life from that light.



 1. Sangyeo : walk with a bier (4'33")
 The death of a loved one and the final path of those who let him go. The heavy steps, tears and sadness are sung.

 2. New Waves  (6'24")
Silence, solitude, and emptiness. the surface of the moon barely visible in the dark For a moment, there is a small tremor on the water.
It grows bigger and bigger, eventually creates a big wave.

3. Nocturne (6'25")
The dark, desolate night came after hours of hectic work and activity.
Everyone is sleeping after a hard, I walk at that time.
With a deep sigh and look up at the sky.
I found a small light visible above the dark sky.
It seems to console me by saying, "You did a great job today."
It’s a comforting night.

4. Haewon 解冤  (7'15")
‘Haewon’ means to relieve and console the bitterness that is in your heart.
The irregular time signatures, dissonance and chromatic melodies express the pain and resentment of life.
The In the latter part, it is reminiscent of “Sinawi”, a traditional Korean music. At that time, Western instruments support the Korean instruments. That’s the climax of this music. They pour out everything that's in place and you reach it. Finally, the melodies of Ajaeng and Gayageum release of all sorrow.

5. Fly (4'25")
On top of the stroke of the acoustic guitar, each instrument plays freely. The melody feels like it's going to fly into the sky. You will feel refreshed after listening to the taepyeongso performance.
* In this showcase, the drums will play the percussion part.

- Hyun-jin Lee / Music Director, Composer
- Sinhye Park / Artist(Gayageum)
- Jihae Hong / Artist(Piri. Shengwhang. Taepyeongso)
- Jeongmeen Shin / Artist(Ajaeng)
- Yujin Jeon / Artist(Violin)
- Jaewoo Kim / Artist(Guitar)
- Daeho Kim / Artist(Bass)
- Youngjin Kim / Artist(Drums)
- 2019, 4th Album Showcase ‘New Waves’
- 2019, Performance for “The Culture Day’ - ‘Love, Longing’
- 2018, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics - SPP Concert
- 2017, The performance of cultural empathy Supported by KOCACA - ‘Love & Longing’ Concert
- 2017, The Thursday performance Supported by GFAC – ‘Love & Longing’
- 2019, Release the 4th Album ‘New Waves’
- 2019, Release the Digital Single Album ‘Fly’, ‘Nocturne’
- 2019, Release the 3rd Album ‘Love, Longing’ (supported by ARKO)
- 2018, Release the Digital Single Album ‘Hanobaeknyeon’
- 2018, Release the 2nd Album ‘Korean Song’

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