APaMM Showcase


The breathtaking tension with explosive energy of two similar but different instruments.

━ About Artist

DAL:UM is a Korean music ensemble formed with two members performing Korea’s most well-known string instruments, Gayaguem (Su Yean Ha) and Geomungo (Hye Young Hwang)

DAL:UM did their debut in 2018. Since then, they challenged the possibility of traditional sounds of these instruments. They experimented by freely reforming and modernizing their instruments’ sounds in their own ways.

━ Introduction of Performance

Similar but different two instruments, the concert where you can meet the unlimited potential of Gayaguem and Goemungo through their collaboration! 

Powerful perfomances from these two musicians will let you experience the various genres within korean traditional music through their own interpretation of these two instruments


1. The Collapsing Time (5min)
2. Galanty Show (7min)
3. Chase (8min)
4. TAL (5min)

- Ha Su-yean / Artist(Gayageum)
- Hwang Hye-young / Artist(Geomungo)
- 2019 The 4th Chung Chun Yueol Jeon / Silver Medal
- 2018.09.12 <To Infinity> Debut Performance
- 2018.12.06 <Drawing>  Performance
- 2019.05.19  ‘Seoul Music Week’ Showcase  Participation
- 2019.10.12   Soorim New Wave Art Lab <Yin & Yang, the perfect balance>
- 2019.10.20 ‘The 7th Korea Music Festival of Bukcheon’ Participation

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