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Dasom Baek

A composer, improviser, and performer of traditional Korean instruments pursuing ground-breaking and modern music, rooted in traditional Korean instrumental performance.

━ About Artist

Dasom Baek  is a composer, Improviser, Lecturer and performer of traditional Korean instruments, including Daegeum, Sogeum, Danso and Saenghwang.

Dasom pursues ground-breaking and modern music rooted in traditional Korean instrumental performance. She is a Certified Master of Important Intangible Cultural Asset, no.45. She has achieved Bachelor’s and Master's degrees from the Korea National University of Arts, and is currently undertaking a PHD course at Seoul National University.

She was selected as a fellow for the OMI Music program in New York in 2019, collaborating with various genres of musicians from different countries.

━ Introduction of Performance

"Using Korean traditional instruments - Daegeum, Sogeum, Saenghwang and my voice - I use various looping techniques to compile my music. My approach is to create a visual mental picture - a story - that can be expressed through the music, giving the audience a holistic, multi-sensory experience.


My subject matter is simple - things that we can all easily encounter in our daily lives. Everyone seems the same thing, but form their own interpretations based on their personal experiences.


I want to tell my story, but also allow the audience to create their own, new, picture. I hope to bring new awareness of the richness of traditional sounds with my music, and endeavor to create a powerful artistic dialogue that embodies the intercultural and multidisciplinary facets of my music.


The key to my music is the arena of 'Korean Tradition' - whether that be Korean language, poetry or, of course, music itself. 

Verge of Dawn (6min)
Midsummer Night  (6min)
Winter Days  (6min)
Nothingness  (6min)
Milky Way  (6min)

- Dasom Baek / Composer, Performer
- Sukyeong Jeong / Manager
- Winner of Yonghonam competition. 2017.
- 2020 Ghettoalive Dasom Baek Concert, Korea.
- 2019 Sanwoollim Dasom Baek Concert, Korea.
- 2019 Art OMI Music Residency concert ‘Music in the park’
- 2018 DASOM x THAO Duo Concert, Hanoi
- 2017 ASEAN-KOREA Flute Festival

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