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Korean Traditional Music meets Tango, The world concert is fulfilled with Korean soul. The melody and the rhythm of soulful Korean music meet music from the world.

━ About Artist

Korean World music band, GENA (Korean Gena: wholly myself and Latin Gena: eyes), presents a new look at world music through Korean eyes in a joyful musical experience that combines the urgent passion of Argentinian tango and Jazz with traditional Korean instruments and music.

The result is a fascinating fusion of Korean and Latin-American influences, creating an entirely new music genre that is both familiar and unfamiliar – bringing the variety of tone of the Korean music to the intoxicating rhythms of the world music Gena will show how 'two different traditions' come together to create new modern music through the fusion of tango, traditional Argentine music, and Gookak, traditional Korean music.

It presents the possibility of a new concept of creative activity through performance that shows the process of applying and analyzing each musical element in the encounter of 'tango&world music' and 'Gookak'.

This will lead people of the world to be interested in and pay attention to Korean traditional music and let the new trend of Korean music known (to the world).

━ Introduction of Performance

GENA's  - 『Co – exist Project』 

Argentina's traditions and Korea's traditions, which   are directly opposite of Korea, meet to create Korean & Tango(world music) music.

That's the music of the ‘Gena’ .

 The empty space of the future is filled by the imagination of the present.
 We have walked through the past to the present. So has music.

- People are always fanatical about something new but that something new was born through the time of the past
• The present is the result of accumulation of the time passed. So is creation.
- Having been living in Korea, we are trying hard to find out what the most uniquely Korean things are.
• There is no answer in creation. What to feel is up to the audience.
- Tango, a third world music genre, exists in the opposite side of the earth, Argentina, with similar historical background and sentiment to Korea’s.
Through the fusion of Tango, a traditional world music, and Gookak,


 Korean traditional music, ‘Gena’ contains in a concert the process of two different traditions' coming together to create new modern music. This will increase access to Korean music and naturally increase world’s interest in Korean and Korean music.



GENA's  - 『Co – exist Project』

1. Gato y Rata (cat and mouse) / 3:30
2. Cancion de Daegeum (The daegeum song) /3:50
3. The love song of the moon' / 5:00
4. Nuevo-Sanjo / 7:00
5. Bitter&sweet tango / 5:30
6. ‘La Chilchae' / 5:00


- Lee So-Yun / Rep, Artist(Vocal, Violin)
- Kim Dae-Hyun / Artist(Music director, Bass)
- Lee Seung-Mi / Artist(Haegeum)
- Seo Yeon-Joo / Artist(Ajaeng)
- Kim Ki-Uk / Artist(Daeguem)
- Jung Kyung-Eun / Artist(Piano)
- Yun Ja-Young / Artist(Bandoneon)
- Park Kye-Su / Artist(Drum)
- Kim Si-Min / Staff(Sound direcrtor)
- The final winner of 2015 Jeongdong Theater’s Doldamgil Project (Creation Discovery Contest)
- Selected as Excellent Artist among 88 young artists of 2016 ‘Youth Mike’ on Day with Culture
- Was awarded the prize for excellent, Prize of the Chairperson of Art Council Korea at 2016
‘Youth Mike’ on Day with Culture Young Artist Award
- 2020 National Assembly Guest Performance for State Dinner - Invited by Latvia Chairmen
- 2019 Korea Cultural Center (Beijing)- Exclusive concert selected and invited for excellent performance
- 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Korean season Korean Music Team Selection and 21st solo concert
- 2018 British Korean Cultural Center(London)- )- Exclusive concert selected and invited for excellent performance
- 2020 Wosington Korea Cultural Center - Exclusive concert selected and invited for excellent performance
- May 25, 2020 - <2nd Album: GENA>
(Expressing various attempts by world music beyond Tango)
- Feb. 13, 2019 - <First Album: Sweet Tango>
(Record to Celebrate the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Korean Representative)

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