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Ogamdo, Opening the World

━ About Artist

Ogamdo is a world music group that has its root in Korean traditional music(Gugak). It creates great ensembles with the sound of Korean traditional instruments and electronic instruments. Its music is not limited to the boundary of traditional atmosphere and keeps trying to embrace the contemporary vibes to which anyone can relate themselves.
The 1st Album <Opening the world> is about the unification of South and North Korea. Each track includes different messages like soothing sorrow, a wish for better days, excitement for upcoming peace, etc.

━ Introduction of Performance

1. Opening the world(4:50)
2. The day of Feast(4:06)
3. Chantey for Peace(5:08)
4. Spring day(4:38)
5. All Together(5:20)

- Ahn Taesang / Leader, Artist(Guitar)
- Baek Eunsun / Artist(Gayageum)
- Ree Yongsun / Artist(Pansori)
- Park Jinhee / Artist(Korean Percussion)
- Jung Bobin / Artist(Keyboard, Bass)
- Choi Shin / Artist(Daegeum)
- Bae Hanil / Artist(Drum)
- May 10. 2018 - Jeonju Int’l Film Festival(JIFF) ‘Dom Festa’ Main stage
- July 25. 2018 - Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival Showcase
- July 01. 2019 - KBS Gugak Hanmadang 'Opening the world'
- October 04. 2019 - Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival ‘Nori-Madang’ Main stage
- October 11. 2019 – Namwon Heungbu Festival
- Opening the World(2019)

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