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Two melodies walk and dance on top of traditional Korean rhythm Jangdan.

━ About Artist

Gonia is a jazz band that has played improvisation music for more than 10 years and is well-known for its high quality performance. Over the past three years, he has been meeting Janggu player Kim Mi-jung to study Korean rhythm in depth and complete K-Jazz, a new music based on traditional Korean rhythms. And not a combination of jam (JAM) level mixed with janggu and jazz, but using traditional Korean musical instruments janggu and jangdan, it is played with a high-quality, high-quality sino jazz with colorful melodies added to the rhythm of simple but straight and intense janggu.

━ Introduction of Performance

 - Performance Subject: A Tension 
 - Instrument and composition: Guitar, Bass, Janggu, 
 - Performance repertoire:

1. A tension 4:43 

2. White Song 4:48

3. Gyeongseong Sonata 3:12

4. Green ratio 5:17

5. No, Arirang 4:40

6. Penance 5:00

- Kim Hyungtaek / Artist(Guitar) & Leader
- Kim Minsung / Artist(Bass)
- Kim Mijeong / Artist(Janggu)
- 2019 Japan Okinawa Invitational Tour Performance
- 2019 Seoul Music Week Showcase Performance
- 2018 EBS Space empathy Performance
- 2018 Japan Kobe & OsakaTour Performance
- 2018 Daegu Suseong World Music Festival
- 2018 Melt album release
- 2016 Compassion Album Release
- 2013 The Journey of Gonia album release

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