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━ About Artist

In a modern society where popular music is dominating, we came together in 2017 as a group of musicians who share concerns about pursuing the path of a musician with traditional musical instruments.

━ Introduction of Performance

Norigae (괴불노리개) (06:05) (Ajaeng Performance) - 

1st piece of the night is called 괴불노리개. 괴불노리개 is a charm at the end of the children's pocket string. It was given to children and was usually made with red, yellow and blue to ward off evil spirits. This piece tells a story of a great Korean tragedy which was remade in the movie 귀향 about comfort women. 


Sunset (05:25) (Gayageum Performance) - 

2nd piece is called 석양, sunset. piece was written with the image of the sun setting behind the mountains; signaling the end of the day. not for the sunset is so beautiful, thinking of a single rose withstanding treacherous winds to bloom. It must be so beautiful as we withstood the tribulations of our day. 


Cheong (06:46) (Pansori Performance) -  

3rd piece In traditional Korean music, there's Pansori(판소리). It mainly has 5 types of story: Story of 춘향, of 흥부, of 수궁, of 심청 and of 적벽. Out of these 5 stories, the story of 심청 has a chapter where 심청 falls into the water to make his dad to restore his sight. This piece was written to recreate that particular chapter. 


Flying (06:36) (Daegeum Performance) -

4th piece was written with the image of wild geese relying on each other as they flock to fly south when autumn comes.

- dongsuk Park / Artist(Composer, Piano, Guitar)
- soojin Seo / Artist(Ajaeng, Gayageum, Vocal)
- dongjune Lee / Artist(Daegeum)
- hansaem Kim / Artist(Percussion)
- bogwon Jung / Artist(Pansori, Percussion)
- sangjune Park / Tour manager
- Awarded Sori Frontier Sori festival award by KB Kookminbank
- 2018 Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival (Sound of Voice & Music) double stage show
- 2019 Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival China Shenzhen, Guangzhou
- 2019 Night of Jeonju & Heritage Story Performance at Gyeonggijeon Hall
- 2019 Kim Mukwon X GAAK Project performance at House of Changwon
- 2019 "Spectrum of Sound" show at North Seoul Dream Forest Art Center
- Feb.27.2019 GAAK Project EP "Soar" released
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