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From the Orient by Pareaso’s World Music Ensemble

━ About Artist

Pareaso meaning a pond overflown with sounds of singing, is a regional representative gugak group founded in 2002. Pareaso is concentrating on the expansion of its own branding and creative activities, from a traditional music brand ‘Nabom’ to the world music ensemble ‘From the orient’.

On top of performing various works under the theme of folk music of Namdo region, it was selected by Asia Pacific Music Meeting(APaMM) Showcase in 2015-2017. It was also invited to the 2017 Malaysia Rainforest World Music Festival(RWMF).

━ Introduction of Performance

As a creative music based on Namdo shaman music, this creative work is made up of Pareaso’s unique stories in the mixture of various beats and melodies. 

1. Gutgeori
2. Pareaso Sinawi
3. Aesori
4. Ssitgim

- Hwang, Dong-Yoon / Planner, Artist(Daegeum)
- Jang, Pyeong / Artist(Percussion, Vocal)
- Kim, Tae-Ho / Artist(Percussion, Chorus)
- Yoo, Byeong-Gi / Artist(Ajaeng, Percussion, Chorus)
- Seo, Da-Hee / Artist(Jing, Vocal)
- Selected as a Nation-Wide Excellent Art Group in 2017 (Art Management Support Center)
- Invited to the 2017 Malaysia Rainforest World Music Festival
- Production/Release of Gugak Drama, A Song of Dangsan-Sinnamu in 2019
- Production/Release of Nabom Series-Gut in 2019
- Release of ‘From the orient’ in 2017(Not for sale)

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