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World music group based on Korean traditional music

━ About Artist

Saeam, which pursues creative music based on Korean traditional music, is an organization that strives to create popular and modern Korean traditional music.

Through collaborative work with various music, we are breaking down the boundary of music and re-creating modern Korean traditional music through the characteristics of Korean rhythm, tone, and musical instruments. At the root, I try to put in the music the spirit that Korean traditional music should be the basis.

━ Introduction of Performance

new ‘Caturi’ (pheasant)
- Pansori, Flute, gayageum, band, Samulnori, Percussion

Carturi Taryeong」 is a folk song of  Namdo. It is an exhilarating expressio n of a hawk pheasant (catcher) hunting in search of famous mountains nationwide. It maintains the form of being hung and received, and presents a rocky category.


- Band, Synthesizer, Book, Taepyeongso, Samulnori

This is a song made by mixing the band and the percussion of Korean classical music by reinterpreting the contents of the Vinari, which prays for the historical virtues coming down from the past, in the color of Saeam.

- Sungjoo Kang / Artist(Percussion)
- Dong hyuk cha / Artist(Percussion)
- Ryu Byungki / Artist(Percussion)
- Kang Hyang-kyung / Artist(Gayageum)
- Minjae Song / Artist(Percussion)
- Kim Byung-seo / Artist(Synthesizer)
- Younghee Jeong / Artist(Taepyeongso, Piri)
- Kim Seung-eon / Artist(Bass guitar)
- Mindong Kim / Artist(Drum)
- Jeonghoo Lee / Artist(Electric guitar)
- Joara / Artist(Pansori)
- 2019 Re-performance of excellent creative works
- 2019.09.29. Jazz&樂2
- 2019 Past, present and future(japan Niigata City Exchange Performance)

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