Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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About UlsanAPaMM

음악으로 세상을 연결하는 뮤직 플랫폼
A Creative Hub of Music Inspiration

UlsanAPaMM is a global music platform that discovers the artistic value of various local music in Asia-Pacific region and introduces it overseas. UlsanAPaMM, which has been loved by numerous artists and citizens for a long time, gradually expanded its position and became a major hub in the music industry. Under the slogan "International Music Network Only for Music", UlsanAPaMM operates four programs, including Board Meeting(Committee), Conference, and Business Meeting, not just limited to the area of Performance. The biggest purpose of UlsanAPaMM is to create a music festival that citizens, including artists, can enjoy together, and we strive to provide opportunities for citizens to watch various kinds of performances and enjoy healthy daily lives based on culture. In addition, for people who cannot visit the site, online live broadcasting will be conducted so that they can watch performances and conferences in a non-face-to-face manner. Committee also seeks to develop the Asia-Pacific music industry and create a sustainable ecosystem of traditional music through conferences, and serves as a bridge to help domestic artists advance abroad and the opposite as well through Business Meeting.

UlsanAPaMM Forum

UlsanAPaMM Forum is a decision-making entity of UlsanAPaMM, which is operated mainly by committee. The forum not only proposes agendas for UlsanAPaMM's role and mid- and long-term development, but also presents the vision of the global music industry, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, and seeks support and cooperation in the public sector. As a governance for the future of music, we will keep contributing to creating a better music ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region with communication, information sharing, international interacting and cooperation networks as core values.

UlsanAPaMM Performance

The main genre of UlsanAPaMM is Traditional Music. Traditional music is almost identical to Gugak, which means music that reflects Korean tradition and culture. All artists who partipate in UlsanAPaMM Performance present creative stages based on traditional music. UlsanAPaMM’s Performances are divided into 3 sections like Choice, Locality, and Showcase. ● Choice A creative performance teams with high recognition both at home and abroad that can arouse audiences sympathy ● Locality (Internal) Collaborative project of two performance teams based in Ulsan, Korea and it combines individual and collaborative stages (External) Performance to introduce foreign local music to Korea with recommendations from UlsanAPaMM Forum Committee ● Showcase Promising artists who get started receiving public attention in Korea and are selected as performance teams (individuals) through national competitions All performance teams(individuals) participating in UlsanAPaMM are artists who strive for the globalization of traditional music, and will perform in various forms of stages on spot.

UlsanAPaMM Conference

Last year, UlsanAPaMM Conference consisted of four themes, including "Sustainable Local Music and UNESCO Music Creative City", "Platform as a New Partner of Local Music", "Introduction of Advanced Technology to Discover and Foster Local Music", and "Creating Non-face-to-face Contents to Discover and Foster Local Music". This year, conferences will be held under the keywords of ‘Overseas Exchange’, ‘MZ Generation’, ‘Virtual Reality’, and ‘Genre Convergence’ in line with the trend of the local music industry that embraces differences and breaks boundaries. As a venue for sharing information on trends and examples of the domestic and foreign music industry and discussing the development of local music, we would like to provide useful information to practician and all citizens interested in music.

UlsanAPaMM Business Meeting

It is a program that helps business networking among committee members and domestic artists to advance overseas. Mentors with expertise in the music industry, such as directors and art directors of international festivals, performance planners at the Korea Popular Music Foundation, exchange business officials at overseas music foundations and music committees, and representatives of famous content production companies can discuss artists' vision and specific methods of advancing overseas. Business meeting strives to provide opportunities for artists to communicate from various perspective with music industry experts through UlsanAPaMM.

"An international Music Network, UlsanAPaMM" where tradition, music, and people become one! Please meet the greatness of traditional music and the present and future of the music industry at UlsanAPaMM in 2022.

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