APaMM Choice Lineup

Lee Nalchi /   이날치

About Artist

 The team is named after Lee Nalchi, one of the eight “myeongchangs,” or master singers, of the late Joseon period. He was nicknamed “Nalchi,” or flying fish, for his mastery in tightrope walking. He sang songs that touched the heart of the commoners and just like this master singer, team Lee Nalchi pursues the kind of music that the general public can easily enjoy.


The members are producer and bassist Young-gyu Jang and drummer Chul-hee Lee from SsingSsing, a band that fuses Korean folk music with rock; bassist ung-yeop Jung from the indie rock band Kiha & The Faces; and five “sorrigguns,” or singers of Korean traditional music —  Song-hee Kwon, Soo-bum Park, Yu-jin Shin, Lee-ho Ahn and Na-rae Lee. Once becoming acquainted with their music, anyone would regret time spent without knowing them.  

 The unusual collective of five singers, two bassists and a drummer disassembles existing music and reassembles them into an entirely different piece that cannot be described verbally or in words.


The team also destroys the prejudice that music needs to be sensitive and objective. Rather, they seek to connect with the audience and thus give on-the-spot kind of performances on stage that reflects the excitement that the audience is feeling. Though each member has long, successful music career, Lee Nalchi as a team is still a rookie.


The team has begun its activities only since January 2019, giving performances at venues like Channel 1969, Senggi Studio and Hyundai Card Understage, and events including Seoul Inki Festival and Colorful Summer Festival at the Daejeon Arts Center.


This is what makes each and every one of their performances extremely new and fresh. Today, Lee Nalchi continues to accumulate experiences through various music stages to further build its uniqueness. 

MembersYoung-gyu Jang: Producer, Bass
Jung-yeop Jeong: Bass
Chul-hee Lee: Drum
Song-hee Kwon, Soo-bum Park, Yu-jin Shin, Yi-ho Ahn, Na-rae Lee: Pansori