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Closing statements – Becc Bates
Oct 7, 2019 18:29:31



Closing statements Becc Bates


Congratulations to the Ulsan Arts and Cultural Foundation for APaMM 2019. Thank you very much to all of the people who were involved in making us feel very welcome in Ulsan this year.


I would like to acknowledge the fabulous artists that performed in the program this year and the technical team behind the sound and lighting. Also, to the interpreters who worked very hard over the conference. I am delighted to have been invited to contribute to APaMM through participating on the Committee. 


This was my first time to South Korea.  It is only through visiting a place that you can genuinely learn about it - so I am grateful for the opportunity. I personally met so many wonderful new friends at the conference this year. The conversations were inspiring and open - along with many laughs and good times for memories of APaMM – Ulsan. 


At the APaMM committee meeting, we questioned what the measurable goals might be - to ensure that APaMM  can make the most from the networks being created, the information shared, and from all of the opportunities that arise through the conference each year. 


I would like to propose that everyone who has participated in the conference program - to report back to APaMM on any outcomes that eventuate from your participation, so that when planning begins for next year, this can be taken into consideration and built upon to ensure momentum continues in the areas that have had the most impact. 


For instance - if anyone books an artist/act, from this year’s program - and their performance in your city goes very well - how can the APaMM network and next year’s conference be programmed and shaped to enable this to be built upon?


I encourage everyone to keep in touch with new friend and networks and I look forward to seeing you around the globe somewhere soon!

Thank you.


Becc Bates,
Director of Creative Industries
South Australia, Department for Innovation and Skills





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