Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Showcase - Traditional & Contemporary

dal:um 달음

The breathtaking tension of two similar but different instruments and explosive energy.

  • Profile
    dal:um is a Korean music ensemble formed with two members performing Korea’s most well-known string instruments, Gayaguem (Su Yean Ha) and Geomungo (Hye Young Hwang).

    dal:um did their debut in 2018. Since then, they challenged the possibility of traditional sounds of these instruments.

    They experimented by freely reforming and modernizing their instruments’ sounds in their own ways.
  • Member
    Su Yean Ha (Gayaguem)
    Hye Young Hwang (Geomungo)
  • Program
    Similar but different two instruments, the concert where you can meet the unlimited potential of Gayaguem and Goemungo in between the silence of emptiness and the explosive energy. (30 mins./ 5 pieces)

    1. The Collapsing Time (5 mins.)
    Represents a mysterious and dim moment in our everyday life such as sunrise and sunset- in between night and day.

    2. Dot (5 mins.)
    Each dots are gathering and talking their stories. They endlessly move toward somewhere we do not know.

    3. Shadow Play (7 mins.)
    Blue lights are scattered around and the moon is colored with red as black shadow slowly covers the land. Run from the shadow, like a play.

    4. TAL (5 mins.)
    Motivated from Korean traditional mask dance called Tal Chum and adopted the rhythm from the dance. The song title Tal, the word itself conceives multiple meanings such as an actual mask, reaching nirvana and getting a problem from something.

    The Waves (7 mins.)
    The duo drew the endless wave of various emotions trembling in people's minds.
  • Career
    2020 Journey to Korean Music - Rookie, 〈Similar & Different〉
    2020 Emerging Gugak Experimental Stage〈Similar & Different〉
    2019 Soorim New Wave Art Lab〈In & Yang, a Perfect Balance〉
  • Award
    2019 The 4th Chung Chun Yueol Jeon / Silver Medal
    2020 The 3rd Arthall Gayat Goeul Traditional Music Festival / Golden Medal
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