Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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Liquid Sound 리퀴드 사운드

Liquid Sound is based on Korea traditional arts and collaborates with various genres of arts.

  • Profile
    Liquid Sound is a group of interacts with various genres of arts based on Korean traditional arts. In addition to working with installation arts and sound arts, they are actively active in Korea and Europe through collaboration with modern dance and baroque music. In 2015-2016, the group was officially invited to the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and France and in 2020 they were selected as an excellent performance team of civil arts by Arts Council Korea.
  • Member
    Lee In-bo (Directer)
    Ahn Jung-ah (Vocal)
    Park Jun-hyung (Piri etc.)
    Yoon Yeo-joo (Percussion)
    Cho En-hee (Sound Artist)
    Song Ji-yun (Daegeum Flute)
    Lee Hwi-soon (Scenography)
  • Program
    Inspired by the theory of the four ‘roots’ or elements of matter developed by Greek philosopher Empedocles, ‘Sensory Concert: Five Memories’ is a project in which all of the participating artists, including the producers, the musicians playing traditional Korean instruments, the sound art, and the installation, focus together on the “primitive” sense of touch.

    First memory- wind
    The most sensitive sound of the wind. Our sounds are heard as if they were carried by wind. Our sounds are heard as if they were carried by wind. Pieces of sound transformed through computer music gradually develop into notes and harmonize with musical instruments. In reality, the wind, which is an invisible material, begins with air movement and gradually changes from cold and humid energy to hot and humid properties, leading to water.

    Second memory – water
    It is the sense of touch of temperature transmitted through water. It is based on a sense of cold or hot water. The recorded sound of water is transformed through the sound artist, creating an effect like listening to music in the water.

    Third memory - fire
    Third memory is not the image directly into the fire, pain, is a memory of pain. Performance brings up sensory memory through the exchange of energy that maximizes tension and concentrates on sensory energy.

    Fourth memory - stone
    The different types of touch shown on the stone surface are represented by hearing and sight. It provides rhythm according to various types of touch sensations such as slipperiness, roughness, and smoothness to develop the most rhythmically.
  • Career
    2016 Construction of overseas markets of experts and media network 〈Journey to korean music〉
    2017 Sensory Concert: Five Memories / France Paris Luthrie Urbaine
    2018 Sensory Concert: Five Memories / Tongyeong International concert Hall and 3 places
    2018, 2019 〈Two ancient music〉/ France Paris and 3 places
    2018, 2019 Sensory Concert: Five Memories / Tour concert 20 places
  • Award
    2016 Korea Arts Management Service Journey to Korean music
    2016, 2018, 2019 Arts Council Korea International Exchange Support
    2018 Arts Creative Revitalization Art Project Support Project
    2018, 2019 Touring Great Arts in your Front yard
    2020 Excellent performance by private art group for cultural empathy project
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