Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Showcase - Korean Traditional Music / Creative Music


Sangjaru is a Korean music group who creates contemporary music out of the frame of unchanging tradition.

  • Profile
    SANGJARU is a traditional music group formed by three graduates of the Korea National University of Arts – Korean Traditional Arts Center.

    Since the group formed in 2014, they have been following their musical journey to study and explore local rhythms, travelling around regions not only in Korea but also abroad. Rather than mimicking these culture and music of a specific region, they put their experience and perspectives made throughout their journey into their music to present SANGJARU’s original music which is free and new Korean modern music within the frame of unchanging tradition.
  • Member
    Hyochang KWON (Player)
    Seonghun NAM (Player)
    Sungyoon CHO (Player)
  • Program
    1. Gang Stars (4min)
    Three instruments under a pitch-dark night sky fill in the empty space with an unseen resonance. The resonance becomes small lights, and the light gather one by one to make a gang of stars.

    2. Tuh-buhl-lim + Hot-dul-saet Dul-dul-saet Saet-dul-saet (12min)
    - Tuh-buhl-lim: A piece that proceeds around Tuh-buhl-lim rhythm, a traditional rhythm with tuh-buhl-lim meaning expanding the ground. The performance of bass guitar and Ajaeng based on Gyeonggi Gyemyeon-jo (a kind of traditional tonality of Gyeonggi province in Korea) stands out.

    - Hot-dul-saet Dul-dul-saet Saet-dul-saet: A piece obsessing about 9. “Hot-dul-saet Dul-dul-saet Saet-dul-saet” is a Korean way of counting 9 in three beats like ‘one two three, two two three, three two three’. It is made for the audience to count 9 together in this way.

    3. Gyeongbuk Swing + Jisin RV (9min)
    - Gyeongbuk Swing: Mueul Nongak, a Korean folk music passed down in Mueul village of Gumi city, Gyeongbuk province, recreated in SANGJARU’s style. Characteristic playing techniques of Gyeongbuk region’s folk music is performed by a guitar and an Ajaeng led by the leading gong-player.

    - Jisin RV: ‘Jisin’ is from Jisin-bapgi, a Korean traditional custom of offering sacrifices to Jisin the earth god, and ‘RV’ is from SRV – Stevie Ray Vaughan, an American guitarist.

    It combines the flow of the folk music used for Jisin-bapgi custom and the playing style of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  • Career
    2021 Kaohsiung Art Center, Taiwan (scheduled)
    2020 MONDO NYC, United States
    2020 Reeperbahn Festival Online Showcase, Germany
    2019 Korean Jazz Night, Germany, Romania
    2017-2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (total 29 performances), Scotland
  • Award
    2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Dark Chat award – Best Show, Best Music
    2019 Jeonju International Sori Festival – Sori Frontier KB Sori Award(1st Place)
    2019 Jeongdong Theater Young Artists in Full Bloom – Best Artist
    2018 University Gugak Festival – Gold Prize
    2018 Musistance Independence Project – 2nd Place
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