Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Showcase - Contemporary Korean Traditional Music

Ensemble BARAJI 우리소리 바라지

Novel Renaissance: The New Comes out of the Old.

  • Profile
    ‘Baraji’, a pure Korean word that means the heartfelt care given to a person with unconditional support, refers to the impromptu sound of the accompanists that makes a harmony with the main melodic line in the context of traditional music. The ensemble BARAJI was born to pay homage to baraji; they aim to share the beauty of baraji with the world through baraji-style music. They strive to identify traditional musical elements among vocal, percussion, instrumental and theatrical music for interacting with contemporary audiences. By polishing and reconstructing these elements, they hope to contribute to making the world more humane through the music of ‘baraji’.
  • Member
    CHO Soungjae / Ajaeng
    CHOI Eunhye / Gayageum
    CHOI Kwang Il / Piri
    JEONG Kwangyoon / Daegeum
    KANG Min Soe / small gong
    KIM Yulhee / Vocal
    LEE Junhyoung / Percussions
  • Program
    〈Novel Renaissance〉
    It refers to the artistic spirit of Chusa Kim Jeong-hee, who invented the typeface, which means that the new comes out of the classics.

    In addition, Park Jiwon said that we have to preserve traditions, not to just by follow and have to create new ones but at the same time we must be wary of the lack of foundation.

    So, Baraji wants to study traditional music deeply and at the same time not to lose touch with the times and not to become fundamentally insufficient.

    entered the essence of our traditional music, pansori, sanjo, and shamanic music, and refined the melody, and presented it to the world.

    1. Manseon (a ship with a full load of fish) - 10 min.
    : A song that combines percussion with a boat song to express the joy of catching a lot of fish.

    2. A Prayer for the Blessing – 16 min.
    : A song based on Chengbo Jangdan of Donghaean Byulsin Gut motif.

    3. Jindo Requiem – 15 min.
    We are sure that you will appreciate the contemporary and artistic qualities that the BARAJI pursues to gain sympathy from contemporary audiences by creating traditional music only with Korean traditional instruments.
  • Career
    2020 Autumn.Station.Sound, Culture Station Seoul 284
    2020 Intangible Heritage Festival, National Intangible Heritage Center
    2020 Online Concert LINK, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater
    2019 Sunday Concert Series, Gwangju Cultural Foundation
    2018 Bison, Ethno Port Festival, Poland
  • Award
    2017 “The Repertoire of 2017” from Arts Council Korea
    2015 Official Showcase at the WOMEX
    2015 “Grand Prize” at KBS Traditional Music Award
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