Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Showcase - Crossover

Korean Classic Ensemble [TALE] 타래

Gugak X Classic X Jazz, They perform various music such as folk songs, classic, tango, pop songs and etc., with a touch of traditional and classical korean feelings.

  • Profile
    TALE is a group of creative artists that crosses over many different kinds of music genres. And it is a Korean Classic Ensemble composed of composers, Korean traditional instruments performers and Western instruments performers, playing as one ‘Music’, not as a ‘Fusion’. They perform various music such as folk songs, classic, tango, pop songs and others, with a touch of traditional and classical korean feel. The ensembles that accumulated over the years and colorful music programs convey sympathy and emotion to audiences.
  • Member
    Park Sinhye (gayageum)
    Lee hyun ji (Piri)
    Shin Jeongmeen (ajaeng)
    Jeon Yujin (violin)
    Kim Jaewoo(guitar)
    Kim Daeho (bass)
    Kim yeongjin (drums)
    Lee Hyun-jin (composer)
  • Program
    [Begining of Sound]
    It's like a drop falling on a clear water. The vibrations spread in all directions over time and soon cause great repercussions. All sounds are transmitted through vibrations in the air. And vibrations gather to make sounds. Invisible music makes listeners cry and laugh. "Gugak(Korean traditional music), classical music, and jazz." It is represented in Gugak's language and Western language, and express a range of emotions in a variety of ways by playing western and Korean instruments. Sometimes they encounter and have conflict, but soon they blends together and create music which is not limited to one genre. “The beginning and the end of life, the desperation and pain, the comfort and warmth that surrounds me. The noble sacrifice and the death...” The music contains emotions that we can experience and feel throughout our lives. A small vibration starting from one note is like a small light found at the end of despair, which will give us the courage to rise again, to overcome our cold reality. They want to convey hopes that the distant darkness could spread into the light and warm touch. “I would like to convey that warm touch. and a hope that even the darkest night could end with this spread of light.”

    1. An Autumn Wind (6’23“)
    A Season when the hot summer passes and the sky rises. The cool autumn breeze that touches our cheeks evokes happy memories and nostalgia.

    2. New Waves (6’24“)
    : Silence, solitude, and emptiness. Surface of the moon that are barely visible in the dark. A small vibration occurs on the water at the moment. And the vibrations create waves that gradually becomes larger.

    3. Sacrifice (5’05“)
    : A heart for someone other than me. We put a noble sacrifice and heart into music

    4. Haewon 解冤 (7’15“)
    : Means relieving and consoling the bitterness in the heart. Frequent constipation, dissonance and semi-negative progression express the pain and resentment of life. As it progress, the traditional Korean musical instrument, which reminds of Sinawe, is at its peak while the Western musical instruments support it. After pouring everything out, the melody of Ajaeng and Gayageum reaches out and represents solemnity.

    5. Fly (4’25“)
    : On top of the stroke of an acoustic guitar, the Korean traditional music instrument and the Western musical instruments show their own characteristics. It feels like flying into the sky, and the climax comes with a performance of the taepyeongso.
  • Career
    2021 Theater ‘Yong’ ‘On the way to Spring’
    2020 GGCF – Crossover Project “Salon de Gyeongseong’
    2020 13rd ‘Lee Suin’ Night of Korean Song – Invited Performance
    2019-2020 Performance for “The Culture Day’ - ‘Love, Longing’
    2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics - SPP Concert
  • Award
    2020 Yoon Dongju Contemporary music fesstival - 1st Prize
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