Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Locality - Gugak

Pareaso 파래소

World Music Ensemble Pareaso 'From the Orient'

  • Profile
    Pareaso, which is founded in 2002, is a representative organization of Korean traditional music which mainly performs in Ulsan, which means a pond overflowing with songs. From ‘Nabom’, a traditional music brand, to ‘From the Orient, world music ensemble’, the organization has focused on creating their own brand and expanding their own field. Under the theme of folk music in the Gyeongsangnam-do Province, they have involved in various activities. They were selected to present their performances during UlsanAPaMM Showcase in 2015 to 2017, and they were invited to Rainforest World Music Festival(RWMF) in 2017.
  • Member
    Hwang dong yoon (Performers)
    Kim tae (Performers)
    Yu byeong ki (Performers)
    Seo da hee (Performers)
    Jang pyeong (Performers, Sori(Vocal))
  • Program
    It is creative music based on folk music in the Gyeongsangnam-do Province, and it is composed of various rhythms and tunes. It is a creative work of art with the story of Pareaso.

    -Performance Program-
    1. Shaman song(Gutgeori)
    2. Pareso Sinawe
    3. Aesori
    4. Ssitgim(a shaman ritual for cleaning dead person's soul)
  • Career
    2020 Planning & Production Taehwaru’s ‘becoming a new version of tradition’ performance.
    2020 The best Re-performing creative gugak-geuk : Dangsan - The song of Sinnamu
    2019 Production and presentation Nabom Series: Gut
  • Award
    2017 Chosen as an excellent professional arts organization (From Korea Arts Management Service)
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