Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Choice - Tradition, Crossover

Ulsan APaMM Project 2022 울산에이팜프로젝트 2022

Ulsan APaMM project team composed of artists from Ulsan

  • Profile
    Ulsan APaMM Project 2022 is a project team in which local traditional musicians, dancers, Western music players, and DJ artists for marking 2022 UlsanAPaMM. They express the main value of UlsanAPaMM through experimental collaboration with modern music based on traditional music.
  • Member
    HWANG Dongyoon (Producer, Performer)
    JANG Pyeong (Performer)
    YU Byeonggi (Performer)
    KIM Taeho (Performer)
    SEO Dahee (Vocal)
    LEE Jihun (Performer)
    LEE Jaejun (Performer)
    IM Sanghoon (Performer)
    Lee Soyoung (Dancer)
    isoly (Compose, Mixing, Performer)
    DJ.ROY (Compose, Mixing, Performer)
    LEE Seongah (Manager)
    PARK Sojung (Art Director)
    JUNG Haekwang (Director)
    Lenon Entertainment (Production Company)
  • Program
    The origin of Usisan
    The work was produced in collaboration with Korean folk music and modern music with “an imaginary theme called Usisan-guk”, the era when gods and men coexisted. Shows music suitable for the theme of APaMM by using digital sound sources including electronic music and Djing based on Korean musical instruments.
    2.Ghosts' cry(鬼哭)
    4.Live again(曼壽)
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