Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Showcase - Korean Traditional Music

JUL Hz 줄헤르츠

New music placed on the strings, JUL Hertz

  • Profile
    JUL Hz is comprised of the Gayageum, Geomungo, and Ajaeng performers to share the tone of the three types of Korean traditional instruments with plucked strings, strucked strings, and rubbed strings with their own creative tradition-based music. They long for sounds created by nature (silk, trees, horsehair, etc.) to convey the invisible sounds that surround us such as human emotions and the sound of nature. They provide an opportunity to stir up various senses about the rapidly-changing modern society with music. Moving beyond the limitations of traditional instruments, the group aspires to create new musical tones and new types of ensembles.
  • Member
    PARK Yejeong (Performer)
    KIM Sumin (Performer)
    KIM Soyeon (Performer)
  • Career
    XR Foundry X MUTO [Jung-goje XR Metarverse]
    [KartsON-Road Arts-Lab] Elected, [On-Stage] Elected
    2022. National Jeongdong Theater New year’s concert ‘Tiger’s Strength’
  • Award
    2021. National Jeongdong Theater [Chung chun man bal] ‘Artist of the year’ Elected
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