Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Official Poster

울산에이팜 공식포스터

The main poster embeds a concept of “Attracting the world with music that holds the energy of immersion and echo”. This expresses the music of UlsanAPaMM expanding itself throughout the region of Ulsan and towards the world.

This expresses the visual imagery of Ulsan’s regional music and its identity through the images of Hemispheric Petroglyphs, Taehwaru, the Ulsan Bridge, and Ulsan’s landmarks, Cheoyong, Soeburi sounds, and Dali Nongak traditional music.

Poster Inspiration Point

1 The Antigua Petroglyphs that show us the lives of the Prehistoric times
2 Ulsan Bridge, Ulsan’s landmark
3 Taehwa River, an ecosystem that includes about 700 more species including the salmon, sweetfish, and white-headed goni
4 Silidae Garden, Taehwa River’s national garden which is also Korea’s representative garden
5 The representative pavilion, containing the tradition and identity of Ulsan, Taehwaru
6 The Mailbox of Ganjeolgot, which contains the wishes of people for the new year
7 The Mongdol Beach that conveys the beautiful environment of Ulsan
8 The Dali Nongak, a traditional music that was played in hope for Ulsan’s prosperity, wealth, and harmony
9 The Cheoyong Dance, which stands proudly as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
10 The Soeburi sound, the originated sound of two millennium-long origin of the Dalcheon Steel Mill
11 The whale, a gift of nature that grew along with Ulsan
12 The Oegosan Bowl, representing every breath of Ulsan
13 Ulsan Cultural Center, the very venue for the 2021 “Ulsan Asia Pacific Music Meeting”



TAEGYU, HA is an illustrator who draws everyday life.I am working to express the cities, nature, and landscapes that I face every day with isometric illustrations. Today, I want to give small fun to the people living in the world from everyday things that I casually passed by.


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